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SUGGESTION: Print this page before starting the e-Giving application

E-Giving is designed to enable you to fill out your offering envelope on-line and transfer funds electronically from your bank to the church. This method of giving will provide the same confidentiality that you are accustomed to while offering the convenience of online purchasing and bill payment programs.

If you would like to participate in E-Giving, click here to launch the application and then follow the instructions below to set up your account.

Instructions for E-Giving

Note: To use E-Giving, you will need to have cookies and scripts enabled on your browser. Refer to your browser’s help documents for more information about these features.

Page 1 – E-Giving Login
• First-time users will need to sign up.
• Click on the words in red, “Not signed up yet? Sign up here!”

Page 2 – Member Sign-up
• Complete the member profile form and create your user name and
password. (Passwords are case sensitive. Please remember your password.)
• After completing this page, submit your profile by clicking the
submit button.

Page 3 – Account Created
• This page lets you know that your account was successfully
• To proceed with your e-giving registration, follow the link by clicking on the words in blue, “go to the login page.”

Page 4 – E-Giving Login
• You are now back on the login page. Using the username and
password that you just created, please login.

Page 5 – Main Menu
• You must now choose your method of payment. You may choose
to make a transaction from your bank account or from a
debit/credit card. Please read the instructions in red.
• We ask as many of you as possible to use the bank transaction
option. It will save the church money on credit card processing
fees. If you choose this option, you must first read and accept the
electronic authorization agreement. This is a one-time process. To
do this you will need to click on the “View the Authorization
Agreement” link in blue.
• If you choose to make a debit/credit card transaction, follow the
link in blue – “Go To My Organization’s E-Giving Donation Page.”

Page 6 – Authorization Agreement
• Please review the agreement. At the bottom of the page, click the box to say that you have read the agreement and then click the
agree button to proceed.
• The Authorization Agreement page will reappear. Go to the
bottom of the page and click the link in blue, “Return to the main
menu,” to continue with your transaction.

Page 7 – Main Menu
• To continue with your transaction, click the link in blue, “Go To
My Organization’s Donation Page.”

Page 8 – Make a Donation – Step 1
• Here you will see a list of the various funds to which you may give. Just fill in the donation amounts as you would on your regular offering envelope.
• If the fund to which you would like to give is not shown, use the “Other” box at the bottom of the list of “Special Giving Opportunities” and then fill in the name of the mission or ministry to which you are donating.
• The section at the bottom of this page allows you to choose when
you would like your transaction to occur. Choose the method you
prefer and click the continue button to proceed.

Page 9 – Make a Donation – Step 2
• Here you will see a confirmation of your donation. If your
donation is correct, click yes to continue. You may also click no
and make changes or cancel your donation.

Page 10 – Make a Donation – Step 3
• If you chose to make your donation at a later date, this page will
appear to allow you to choose the date for your transaction.
• Select a date for your transaction and then click continue to 

Page 11 – Make a Donation – Step 4 – Payment Information
• Select a method of payment for your donation (debit/credit card or
bank account).
• Provide the appropriate information for the type of payment you
• Click continue.

Page 12 – Make a Donation – Final Step
• Here you will see a summary of your donation. After reviewing
the information to make sure it is correct, click the “I Authorize
This Transaction” button to complete your donation.
• Note – Do not click this button more than once or your
account may be charged more than once.
• Do not press the BACK button to make a change.
If you need to make a change, cancel the transaction
and start over.

Page 13 – Thank You
• Congratulations. Your transaction is complete. You will see a
confirmation number and you may print this page for your
• You may now logout, continue with another transaction, or review
your profile and make changes as needed.


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