Leadership Team

The Leadership Team (formerly Church Council) meets the fourth Thursday of the odd numbered months at 7pm. This is the governing body of the church. At these meetings all the committee chairs give an update on the mission and ministry of their committee. They also vote on important church matters.  All are welcome to attend this meeting.

July – 2016,
September – 2016
November – 2016,
January 15, 2017
January 19, 2017
February 23, 2017
Charge Conference – March 23, 2017

[table class=”table-bordered” caption=”2017 Leadership Team” colalign=”right|center|left” width=”450px”]
Position, ,Name
Team Leader, ,Carlos Liceaga
Pastor, ,Bert Cloud
Pastor, ,Gina Anderson-Cloud
Associate Pastor, ,Peggy Langille
Lay Leader for Administration, ,Jason Vincelette
Lay Leader for Ministry, ,Ken Bradley
SPRC, ,Shaun Kelley
Connect, ,Gerry Mingee
Evangelism, ,James Cole
Care Ministry, ,Josie Mitchell
Secretary, ,Linda Brooks
Lampstand Worship, ,Lisa Bradley
Sanctuary Worship, ,Linda McLawhorn
Finance Committee Chair, ,Kerry Blazek
Trustees Co-Chairs, ,Sandy Marcuson and Frank Blake
Mission, ,Steve Elder