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City Church

Called to Help People Follow Jesus and Change the World

Mission Statement


The mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ
for the transformation of the world.

Core Values

Our core values define what our church believes and how we want our church
to relate with the congregation and the external world.
Our core values define who we are as a church.


As members of Warwick Memorial United Methodist Church, we are called:

to be centered on Christ,
to live as His family,
to be Biblically grounded,
to grow spiritually,
to embrace our diversity,
and to serve others.

Christ-centered: Members of our church strive to make Christ the
foundation of our teachings, our actions, and our lives by developing a personal
relationship with Him as we learn to follow His example.

Live as His family: Members of our church live as brothers and sisters
in the family of Christ, knowing we are imperfect and yet filled with the grace of God.
We help each other through trials and hardships that are part of our growth in His Spirit
and together share and experience the ultimate joy we have in Him.

Biblically grounded: Members of our church meet people where they are
on their spiritual journey. We lead people to God’s word through teaching and preaching
scriptures in an applicable, current-day context.

Grow spiritually: Members of our church grow spiritually at their own
pace from the time of their acquaintance with Christ, through their salvation, into
spiritual maturity. They are nurtured in their faith through baptism and communion;
and grow through teaching and preaching within the church, personal prayer, and Bible study,
and practicing their Christian values in daily living.

Embrace our diversity: Members of our church value all people as
children of God. We value human diversity because God created a diverse world of
unique individuals and we respond to that diversity through love

Serve others: Members of our church believe each person has a unique
gift to be used in service, and we commit to an attitude that seeks to give rather than
to receive and to serve rather than to be served.

Vision Statement

While our core values tell us who we are as a church, our vision statement tells us
where we want to go in the future. It offers a picture of our preferred future. The goal
of vision is not numerical growth, but to glorify God.


Love, learn, grow, and serve through Christ.

Our vision statement directly reflects our core values.

LOVE: to embrace diversity, to live as His family
LEARN: to be centered on Christ, to be Biblically grounded,
GROW: spiritually
SERVE: others passionately

The “through Christ” part of our vision statement is based on Philippians 4:13 which says
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This means
that we don’t take credit or boast about what is being done, but give all the credit
and glory to Christ (God).

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