Land Clean Up Day

Two Days to Clean and Clear the Woods:

We would like to continue where we left off in the fall.  Would you please help with clearing the trash, brush, limbs, and trees from two locations in our woods?  We need to finish the work that we started in the fall: (1) the woods between the Celebration Center and Wells Road and (2) the woods on the left side of the large field.

On Saturday April 26 we will have a bush hog and operator to cut the brush.  There are many fallen trees and trees to be cut down that are diseased and dead, trees unable to get adequate sunshine, and others with an unsafe overhang.  We plan to have a chipper for the smaller limbs.  We need to cut the large tree trunks and limbs into smaller pieces for handling.  We will fill large trash box(s) with what we pick up; the box(s) will be hauled away.

The neighbor located across the large field is allowing us to use their property while we clear the land – we can park vehicles there to load so we do not have as far to carry the tree pieces.  The trucks will be loaded while on their property and unloaded into the large box in our parking lot.  Access to their driveway is from Old Lucas Road.  We need at least three pickup trucks for this process!

Please bring rakes, shovels, pull saws, bow saws, long handled limb saws, garden rakes, loppers, wheelbarrows, etc.  We also need gas powered chain saws, limb saws, thread trimmers, and hedge trimmers.  We need someone with a heavy duty pick up truck to pick up a large chipper from ABZ Rental and bring to church for chipper work.  You will be reimbursed for the cost.

Preparation day for Saturday is Wednesday April 23 starting at 8:00 a.m. and lasting for most of the day.  We need to clear the areas for bush hogging, make piles for pickup Saturday, begin cutting trees down and into pieces for handling, and plan the work for Saturday.

On Saturday we also plan to start at 8:00 a.m.  Please participate for as long as you are able.  Lunch will be served and refreshments will be available.

Taking conscientious care of our property is good stewardship.  This is a big job, and we can do it well.  The improved appearance we have so far is a blessing.  Also, several neighbors have expressed great appreciation for our work.  We want to continue to be good neighbors.  Thanks for all you have done!  I look forward to seeing you.  If you have questions please call Jim Corliss at 757-810-1679.