Eight is Enough

“Eight is Enough” – A Way to Connect With Other Christians & Members of the Church

Warwick Memorial worship attendance averages around 300 people every Sunday. With three different services it is very difficult to get to meet everyone. Eight is Enough is an intentional small group created for the purpose of getting to know other church members through food and fellowship.  New groups have been formed for June, July, August and September.  Once a month each group goes to a local restaurant of their choice for dinner/lunch, it’s a fun and informal way to meet other members of the church.

Below are the names of those participating for June, July, August and September. The name(s) with a (*) in each group indicates the person(s) to call the others on the list and coordinate the date/place for the first dinner. Please feel free to invite others in the church to your group.

Sweet Cakes
*Cathy Haskell
Carol Hollingsworth
Ginny Spangler
Beth Stabnow
Kay Krusie
Gene Wingo
Jim and Josie Cole
Margie Pillow

Sweet and Sours
*Jim Corliss
Barry and Kristin Ferguson
Tim and Judy Claus
Amy Williamson
Dawn Sanderson
Ralph and Doris Comer

*Sue Holliday
Lahoma Hart
Marguerite Proffitt
Eleanor Lucento
Frances Topping
Fern Holley
Nancy Setty
Lorna Lawrence
Betty Wilkerson

Lunch Bunch
*Cathy Haskell
Cindy Skaggs
Beth Murray
Anne Greene
Doris Comer
Julia Frank
Carol Hollingsworth
Kay Fippinger
Regina Burkhammer
Em Murphy

It’s not too late – Contact Cathy Haskell at jjboys@aol.com if you would like to get involved in one of these small groups.  Please indicate if you would prefer a lunch group or a dinner group.

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updated 6/3/16