Covenant Groups

New Covenant Discipleship Groups, “CD Groups” Forming – Not a Study – A Different Way to Grow in the Faith

What are CD Groups? They are proven and effective as a means to help ordinary people live out the extraordinary way of Christ in our world. Basically they are small groups that focus on mutual accountability and support for discipleship as a “method” to help us live out our Methodism. These groups help Christians grow in loving God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength and to love their neighbors as themselves.

What’s the Commitment? Basically it requires only 1-hour of time per week to meet with your group that will discern a best time to meet (based on individual’s schedules). The group then works to form Christ-centered goals that help contribute to the work of a Christ-centered congregation.

Why are our pastors offering this? All 3 of our pastors have been a part of this type of group in their journey of faith, both as pastors and before they became pastors. They feel the groups are an integral part of their growth in Christ. However, the CD Group model is not from them. It is rooted deep in our Wesleyan heritage and has been the means of strengthening life in Christ for a multitude of people over time, so much so that is a recommended model of spiritual growth from The United Methodist General Board of Discipleship.

You may be in a study already or other small group, or this may be a first step for you. All places of entry are fine, because this opportunity doesn’t require preparation or a certain level of spiritual maturity. It only requires your desire to grow closer to the way of Jesus Christ. Send questions to Pastor Gina or Pastor Peggy, or go to  If you missed the orientation, feel free to talk to Pastor Gina or Pastor Peggy to learn more.

CLICK HERE for the 2016 Covenant Discipleship Brochure.