Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works with the Treasurer in order to oversee the Annual Operating Budget and to ensure that the church is practicing good stewardship.

WMUMC Finance Policy (re-approved March 21, 2013)


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“Apportionments paid to the Virginia Conference and the York River District by our church”
Warwick Memorial United Methodist Church (UMC) is connected to the Virginia Conference of the UMC and the York River District of the UMC. That means we have a relationship to receive services and to support their work by paying apportionments.

The total of our apportionments for 2014 is $122,343. That is 16% of our proposed 2014 operating budget.

Of our apportionments, 18% pays for the following:

A financial lifeline to a long list of Christian missions and ministries throughout the denomination. The Africa University Fund meets Africa’s vital education needs for agriculture, health care, church growth, and development. The Ministerial Education Fund allows The UMC to continue its commitments to recruit and educate quality pastoral leadership.

There are 11 United Methodist-related historically Black colleges and universities; with the Black College Fund we help to maintain solid and challenging academic programs, strong faculties, and well quipped facilities. Our Bishops, who are an integral part of the spiritual and administrative leadership of The UMC, are supported by the Episcopal Fund. The Interdenominational Cooperation Fund enables United Methodists to have a presence and a voice in the activities of several national and worldwide ecumenical and interreligious organizations.

The General Administration Fund attends to the business of The UMC by ensuring trustworthy systems of oversight and financial accountability.

Of our apportionments, 11% pays for Conference Missions and Ministries support to people in the Christian faith beyond the local church.

Of our apportionments, 46% pays the employer portion of clergy health insurance and pensions.

Of our apportionments, 18% pays for Conference Administration Services, District Superintendents’ salary, salary supplement for pastors serving churches unable to pay the minimum salary, church extension and development, and to support to five colleges and universities and one preparatory school for scholarships and campus religious activities.
Of our apportionments, 6% pays for York River District Office (DS) staff and expenses, and DS housing.