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City Church

Called to Help People Follow Jesus and Change the World

We Welcome You To

Warwick Memorial United Methodist Church.

Pastor Bert, Pastor Peggy, Pastor Gina

Dear Friends,

We are so glad that you are considering Warwick Memorial United Methodist Church. It truly is a great place to find a faith community where you can feel at home, as well as find your place to make a difference in today’s world.

 As the pastors of the church, our hope is to lead others into a meaningful connection with God and with people, so that God’s work can be done daily, and so that the world can be made better in the way of Jesus Christ.

We have personally been blessed at Warwick Memorial

Pastor Bert and Gina are not just co-senior pastors, they have found Warwick Memorial to be a great community for their kids to grow up in. The Cloud kids have enjoyed the great children’s and youth ministry provided through the church, as well as the varied mission opportunities for all ages.

Pastor Peggy came to Warwick Memorial as a lay person years ago and experienced such profound support and growth that she recently entered into the ministry and is blessed to serve in her home church.

We invite you to visit, explore, take in, and journey with us as we seek to offer a relevant and faithful connection with our amazing God.

One way to connect with us is to follow us via our weekly email messages to the congregation. You are welcome to sign up for the email list by simply CLICKING HERE . Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or for further information about Warwick Memorial UMC. In addition, we frequently host a coffee and tea gathering with the pastors to welcome folks and share about the church and about God.

We look forward to seeing you one of our worship services or church events soon. May God bless you on your spiritual journey, and may you find us to be a community of grace and hope as you make your way forward.

Grace, mercy and peace,

 Senior Co-Pastors, Pastor Bert & Pastor Gina

Associate Pastor, Pastor Peggy


Updated 4/11/17


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